White Fillings
Over the last 20 years, major advancements have been made in the quality of white fillings. They are now just as long-lasting and predictable as conventional amalgam fillings, with the added benefit of looking like your natural teeth.

The material is made from a composite resin, which is bonded to the tooth. Conventional mercury based amalgam fillings are locked into teeth with dovetails, undercuts and sometimes pins and screws. Over a long period of time, this causes cracks to develop within your teeth and eventually causes your teeth to break.

Composite (white) fillings do not require additional undercuts or dovetails to be cut into the teeth. The bonding process helps prevent the teeth from breaking, and the strength is very similar to your natural tooth tissue. This is the basis of biomimetic dentistry. So if you are embarrassed about having a mouthful of metal, we can help in making your teeth look natural again.

All of the clinicians at Burridge Dental Practice have undergone extensive post-graduate training to ensure we are able to provide the very best results in placing white fillings.