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Tooth Whitening
First impressions are everything! Did you know studies show teeth are amongst the first features we notice when meeting someone new? Have you ever desired whiter teeth?
If the answer is yes, look no further. At Burridge Dental Practice our dentists are specially trained in providing cosmetic treatment including tooth whitening to help you on your way to achieving a beautiful new smile.


So why not consider tooth whitening as a fantastic way to improve and feel great about your smile.

There are two common types of whitening offered at the practice:

Home Whitening

Home whitening is a fantastic option for those patients wishing to brighten their smile at their own convenience. With this type of whitening a dental mould will be taken of your teeth. These moulds are then sent to one of our specially accredited dental laboratories where bespoke soft acrylic trays are manufactured designed specially to fit your mouth. Along with your trays, your dentist will then prescribe tooth whitening gel which can carefully be placed into your custom-made trays. Patients commonly enjoy sleeping with these trays and find great results within the first week.

In – Surgery Whitening

This type of whitening treatment is more common in patients that would prefer an instant result. Treatment often takes place over one to two visits, where your dentist will place a prescribed whitening gel directly onto your tooth. This whitening gel is then activated, and the process accelerated using a specially designed activation light providing you with an instant result. Depending on your tooth colour and extent of discoloration, your dentist may suggest a supplement home whitening kit to help ‘top up’ your new tooth shade to maintain your new bright smile.

Is tooth whitening at a dental practice safe?

Absolutely! Evidence demonstrates that professional whitening is amongst the safest cosmetics treatment available when performed correctly.

Tooth whitening gels and equipment used at Burridge Dental are specially designed and manufactured with safety and comfort in mind. Each bespoke package is specially designed for each patient, ensuring the correct strength of gel is prescribed.

So why delay? If you’ve always wanted that brighter smile, contact us and one of our trained team will be happy to assist you.

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